ADP-004: Incentivize ATH/WETH Liquidity Pool on Aerodrome Finance (BASE)

Proposal Overview

This proposal outlines a plan to incentivize the ATH/WETH liquidity pool, provided by Molecule, on Aerodrome Finance (BASE). By doing so, we aim to increase liquidity for the ATH token, offer DeFi protocol options for liquidity providers through Aerodrome Finance, and expand our reach by participating in the BASE ecosystem, a leading Layer 2 blockchain integrated with Coinbase.


We plan to supply 10,000 ATH over 20 weeks (500 ATH per week) as rewards for ATH/WETH LP token holders. This will add rewards for ATH/WETH LP tokens in the protocol. These rewards will be distributed in the AERO token.


This proposal marks a significant milestone in our journey to expand into the larger Web3 ecosystem and by offering DeFi options to all holders on a low-fee blockchain.

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