ADP-006: Establishing a Data Working Group

Proposal Overview

We propose to establish a Data Working Group to oversee and participate in development of our women’s health data platform. This platform will enable fundamental scientific discovery, evaluate existing products and guide product development in the women’s health space. We request an allocation of 50,000 ATH tokens from the AthenaDAO treasury for six months to compensate contributors.


Due to AthenaDAO’s recognized work in the women’s health space, 74,000 Hormonal Health Records have been donated to us. This presents the perfect opportunity to kick-off a working group in this area.


  • Implement and develop key infrastructure required for the data platform -Implement and develop scalable pipelines to integrate, query, process, and analyze various data types within focused areas of women’s health
  • Gain insights from first datasets on hormone health, menopause, and ovarian aging

Type of Contributors for the DataWG:

  • Bioinformaticians
  • AI/ML specialists
  • Data scientists
  • Statistician
  • Clinicians


50,000 ATH tokens will be used exclusively to compensate contributors for their work.

This initiative is crucial as the existing data gap in women’s health limits advancements in research and business opportunities. Your support in establishing the DataWG will help unlock this potential.

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