[APPROVED] COM-001: Community & Awareness WG Restructuring


We propose experimenting with a new approach to engage members that want to contribute to Community & Awareness.

Laura Minquini, AthenaDAO Core Lead


Though over half of our submissions for WG contributors are to Community & Awareness, this group has incredibly low traction compared to Science & Dealflow.

A great amount of work in the Community & Awareness of the DAO falls onto the core team with the help of Science and Dealflow - Twitter/X comms, newsletters, events, etc…


With this in mind and to better analyze how to move forward for better onboarding, we propose to close it until further notice.

  1. We will be in the meantime making very active members of the C&A WG official ambassadors. Ambassadors get token allocations for tasks. They are chosen by how active they have been in AthenaDAO. All active projects of the C&A WG will be distributed to ambassadors.

  2. We will be interviewing for more ambassadors.

  3. Ambassadors will have to complete a 4-week set of bounties and trial period before becoming official ambassadors.

  4. We are looking for a “Bounty Officer’': someone in charge of keeping tabs on our new fortified Bounty board and curating and selecting talented people to execute tasks or missions in the Bounty board.

  5. Will be accepting submissions for articles for the newsletter. Please note we have 3 verticals:

  • Science
  • Lifestyle (personal stories, etc)
  • Web3 + events

More importantly - we want members of our community to feel agency in bringing their own ideas aligned with the mission of AthenaDAO to life. To do this, we are introducing PAD (Pitch AthenaDAO).


With PAD (The acronym is not lost on us), we want to bring the spirit of decentralization - which should stand for “having agency”- and allowing members to bring to life projects and being responsible for execution from A to .

The ideal is simple:

Have an idea?

  • You set what the KPIs are.
  • You outline what success look like and why is it important for AthenaDAO.
  • You set the timeline.
  • You set the execution plan (What is A, in between, and Z).
  • You set the Budget and/or Bounty (Current Max. 2500 ATH, fiat only approved as itemized execution expenses, Max. 500 USDC unless it is a special event).
  • You get the bounty once the project is successfully completed.

As we pilot this program, the launch for submissions will be open the 1st day of each month, with submissions cutting off on the 15th. Successful projects will be announced at the end of each month.

Check the submissions form here.

The idea is to make some of the projects more independent so members of the DAO feel a sense of ownership and contribution in their own terms.

PAD is also intended as a Launch PAD for letting us identify talent and community members with various skills to match them to all our ongoing projects.

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