AthenaDAO Code of Conduct


Welcome to AthenaDAO, a decentralized community committed to advancing women’s health research, education, and funding. We believe in fostering an inclusive and respectful environment where all members can collaborate effectively and contribute to our mission. To ensure the well-being and productivity of our community, we have established this Code of Conduct.


By participating in AthenaDAO, you agree to abide by these principles:

Respect and Inclusivity: We value diversity and inclusivity. Treat all community members respectfully, regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, disability, religion, or background.

Open and Constructive Communication: Maintain open and honest communication. Provide constructive feedback and criticism while being mindful of others’ feelings and perspectives. Refrain from personal attacks, offensive language, and disruptive behavior.

Collaborative and Supportive: Encourage collaboration and support among members. Help one another in achieving our shared goals. Share knowledge, resources, and expertise to foster a culture of growth and learning.

Privacy and Data Security: Respect all community members’ privacy and data security. Do not share personal information without consent, and adhere to best practices for data protection when handling sensitive information.

Transparency: Be transparent in your actions and intentions within AthenaDAO. Disclose any potential conflicts of interest or affiliations that may influence your contributions or decisions.

Non-Discrimination: Do not engage in any form of discrimination, harassment, or bullying. This includes, but is not limited to verbal, physical, or online harassment. Report any such incidents to the community moderators or administrators.

Intellectual Property: Respect intellectual property rights. Only share and use content you have the appropriate rights to share or have received permission to share. Properly attribute content that is not your own.

Compliance with Laws: Ensure that your actions within AthenaDAO comply with all applicable laws and regulations, including those related to research, funding, and ethics.

Community Moderation: Follow the instructions of community moderators and administrators. Their role is to maintain a safe and productive environment for all members.

Accountability: Take responsibility for your actions and their impact on the community. If you make a mistake or cause harm, acknowledge it and work towards a resolution.

Continuous Improvement: Continuously strive to improve the community and its contributions to women’s health research, education, and funding. Actively seek feedback and engage in discussions to drive positive change.

Violating this Code of Conduct may result in temporary or permanent removal from AthenaDAO, depending on the severity of the violation and its impact on the community.

AthenaDAO is committed to creating an inclusive, respectful, and supportive space for all members. Together, we can make significant strides in advancing women’s health research, education, and funding while upholding these principles. Thank you for being a part of our community and for your dedication to our shared mission.

This Code of Conduct is subject to periodic review and updates by the AthenaDAO community to ensure its relevance and effectiveness.


Please report any code of conduct violations by reaching out to an admin in one of AthenaDAO’s channels or by email. We are committed to protecting the privacy and safety of anyone who reports a violation.

Any member of the DAO can submit a suspected breach of the Code of Conduct by another member of the DAO to trigger the Dispute Resolution Process that will include the authority to reprimand, penalize, or restrict any member of the DAO. Any reprimand, penalty, or restriction on participation will be handled according to the AthenaDAO dispute resolution guidelines.


Participation in governance with a Conflict of Interest is strictly prohibited within AthenaDAO. Any member of a working group or AthenaCore with a potential conflict of interest must promptly disclose this conflict to AthenaDAO and refrain from engaging in any governance activities.

This includes abstaining from voting and refraining from discussions related to voting. A Conflict of Interest is defined as any situation that a reasonable person (or an arbitrator) might perceive as creating conflicting professional or personal obligations or having personal or financial interests that could compromise fair and unbiased participation in governance. Members of a working group or AthenaCore are held to fiduciary duties, and obligated to act in good faith for the benefit of AthenaDAO token holders and the wider community.

In instances where there is uncertainty about whether a situation qualifies as a conflict of interest, the Governance working group of AthenaDAO will make the determination through soft governance among its contributors (identified by the Discord tag “Gov WG Contributor,” excluding guests). This decision-making process will occur in the Discord chat labeled “governance-wg” or through an appropriate alternative, such as a working group call.

Conflicts of interest must be transparently disclosed in the relevant proposal, whether it’s in phase 1, phase 2 on Discourse, or phase 3 on Snapshot. Additionally, members are required to communicate conflicts of interest through other pertinent channels, such as the AthenaCore channel or a working group channel on Discord. Failure to disclose conflicts of interest before engaging in governance activities may result in a reprimand, penalties, or limitations imposed by AthenaDAO.