GOV-002: Simplifying AthenaDAO Governance Framework


To streamline the proposal process by integrating the new Discord feature for governance discussions, thus enhancing community participation and decision-making efficiency. Background: Discord has launched a feature that enables structured governance discussions, offering a platform similar to Discourse. This allows for more organized conversations and simplifies the process of reviewing and voting on proposals. Proposed Change: We propose that “Phase III: Formalization” of our current Proposal Process be moved to Discord, specifically to the “Draft Governance Proposals” channel. This new structure will allow for real-time discussions and greater community engagement.

Process Outline:

  1. Discussion Period: A proposal is discussed in the “Draft Governance Proposals” channel on Discord for five days. This allows members to share feedback and suggest revisions.
  2. Poll Creation: During that time, a single-choice poll is available for members to vote. Members can vote with three options: “Agree,” “Agree with Revisions,” and “Disagree.”
  3. Transition to Phase IV: If the majority of members agree or agree with revisions, the proposal moves to “Phase IV: Consensus.” If the majority disagree, further discussion is required, and the proposal remains in Phase III until consensus is reached.


  • Efficiency: Moving Phase III to Discord streamlines the proposal process, reducing the time between discussion and voting.
  • Engagement: The Discord feature fosters greater community interaction, leading to more comprehensive feedback and a sense of shared governance.
  • Flexibility: The ability to suggest revisions within the same discussion phase allows for more dynamic and collaborative proposal development.
  • Savings: AthenaDAO currently pays a monthly fee of $20 to host Discourse. With this proposal, we would eliminate that cost.
  • Agree
  • Disagree
  • Agree with revisions
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